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Thursday, May 5, 2011


For those of you who know me, you know that I graduated from college two years ago-and instantaneously began working at a homeless shelter. I never paused to really think about my life and what I wanted for it. I was interested in human behavior and thought that working at a wet shelter would present as an excellent learning opportunity. But really, I just plunged right in, into a very stressful career. It has been a heart-wrenching experience at times. Working at a shelter can take it's toll out of you physically and emotionally. Truthfully, I still don't think I know how to handle all the negativity. Sometimes a day can be so stressful that a pint of cookie dough ice-cream seems like the best course of action. It only seems like yesterday that this journey began, but in other ways it seems like a decade.

But like I said-NO MORE COMPLAINING. I am going to graduate school in the fall, and making other life changes. Now I must have an open heart and open mind so other things can fall into place. I wanted to start this blog to take some of the monotony out of everyday life; and get back into things that interest me as well as spark a light inside of me.

Today I watched a little girl at work. She was so curious about everything around her and her happiness and laugher were seriously contagious. What would it it like to be five years old again? To really have no idea what would lay ahead of me in life? What I realized today is that I am still just like that five year old; I just have lost some of that zest and curiosity. I won't take that.

After the work day was over I took a long walk home and really enjoyed spring's arrival! All the colors are so bright and invigorating this time of year. How lucky am I to live in such a beautiful city? Until next time! Ciao!

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